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Q4 2021

Not every company closes their year on December 31, but we do see it often. In our personal lives and our work lives, the start of a new year feels like the closing of a chapter and the start of a fresh new one.

There is hope and optimism for what lies ahead. We make plans for wellness and goals for the year, we clean closets and strategize for the coming year at work. We hope you enjoyed a restful and safe holiday and a very happy new year.

We’re here for you at the start of 2022 to help with the goals, plans and strategies for your business, and a fresh start for a great new year.

Karen Louis, CPA, PMP

Managing Member | WJ Technologies

Managing Member | WJ Technologies
O: 703.885.8158 | M: 571.334.3496



Start The Year With Clean Data

“A stitch in time saves nine” – applying this adage to your accounting practices will save a snowball of issues from becoming an avalanche. Learn how cleaning your data every 12 months prevents poor business decisions due to bad information.

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Can You Afford to Wait on an Accounting System Upgrade?

It’s a question we see every day: do we wait to implement a new accounting software until we can afford it? Or do we wait until we can’t afford not to? The
answer is tricky and ironic.

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See the Big Picture with Robust Analytics

It is vital for continued growth to see your company from a “Big Picture Perspective” and utilize accounting software that gives you detailed and accurate data – and robust analytics.

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In September of 2021, President Joe Biden announced a three-part federal vaccine mandate for large employers, some healthcare providers, and federal contractors. Litigation ensued in multiple venues on all three federal vaccine mandates, and courts have issued a variety of stays of enforcement on each mandate, effectively staying enforcement on any federal vaccine mandate nationwide.

For now.

The federal contractor vaccine mandate is currently under a nationwide stay. No enforcement is permitted at this time. The legal landscape remains fluid,
and impending Supreme Court appeals may change the state of play further. Here’s who would be required to be vaccinated under the plan if the stay is lifted:

  • Employers with 100 or more employees will be required to have their employees either be fully vaccinated or get tested weekly to come to work (at-home tests will be free starting in January).
  • Federal workers and employees of contractors that do business with the federal government will be required to be vaccinated, though they won’t be penalized for not getting the vaccine until January 2022. This date will likely be pushed based on the court actions.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services will require vaccinations in Head Start programs, as well as schools run by the Department of Defense and the Bureau of Indian Education.
  • Workers in health care facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, including hospitals and home health agencies, will also have to be fully vaccinated.
  • Individuals applying to become lawful permanent US residents must be fully vaccinated according to US Citizenship and Immigration Services.


GovCon Expert Rich Wilkinson: A Guide to Bringing Business Systems Up to Uncle Sam’s Exacting Standards

“If your firm does business with the U.S. government on a cost-reimbursable basis, then you likely have come face-to-face with Part 16 of the Federal
Acquisition Regulation, FAR 16.301-3, which requires government contractors to have adequate accounting systems.”

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2021 GAUGE report reveals insights to contractors on funding optimism and competition concerns

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, government contractors (GovCons) are optimistic about their future business prospects, according to CohnReznick LLP
and Unanet, the joint authors of the fifth annual 2021 GAUGE Report.”

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Learning strategies to support ‘AccounTech’ innovation

“The goal of innovation should be to maximize the economic benefit to the organization. The greater the clarity about how exactly that value is to be achieved, the greater the chance for success.”

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Debbie Waggoner

SMB Practice Deputy Director

In her role as SMB Practice Deputy Director, Debbie Waggoner works with small and mid-sized government contractors implementing Unanet, performing
outsourced accounting services and assisting clients with special projects such as preparation of incurred costs submissions and rate proposals. Debbie has
achieved the highest level of certification on the Unanet portfolio of products.

Debbie assists clients with using all facets of the Unanet products and has become an expert in building interfaces between Unanet and third-party vendors, loading historical transactions from legacy software, and has achieved high customer satisfaction by completing implementations on time and on budget. Debbie has worked with several government contractors subject to the Service Contract Act to build customizations to calculate SCA labor and fringe benefit requirements. She has developed solutions within Unanet to address the unique business practices of many clients. With over 25 years of experience in the GovCon world working with Deltek System 1 and GCS Premier, she is known throughout the Deltek ecosystem as a subject matter expert in the Materials Management, Accounting and Job Cost modules.

In her downtime, Debbie and her husband Steve are avid scuba divers. They have traveled to many countries to dive and explore. When at home, Debbie
loves playing with her dogs, hiking, and fishing in the Colorado Rockies where she lives.

Debbie can be reached by email at and connect with her on LinkedIn.


Shorepoint Inc.: A Rapid GovCon Transition from QuickBooks to Unanet

Government contractors process large amounts of data every day: from balancing budgets to tracking labor costs, strict federal regulations and DCAA require every penny to be accounted for in the right bucket. For small businesses without the resources for enterprise solutions, entry-level accounting tools can usually get the job done – but as they grow, they quickly outgrow their software.

This was the case for cybersecurity services and advisory firm ShorePoint, Inc. who depended on Intuit QuickBooks for their accounting needs. With only one dedicated accountant on staff, the software served their employees and clients initially without issue. When that inevitably changed, they turned to WJ Technologies (WiJiT) for help.

“We haven’t had a similar experience. WiJiT really gets to know their clients and thoroughly learned our pain points. In the past, external contractors have done what we asked, but they didn’t do the background research to learn about our company.”

– Director of Finance and Administration, ShorePoint Inc.

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WJ Technologies LLC was founded in 2007 by CohnReznick to provide accounting system solutions and services exclusively for government contractors. The experts at WJ Technologies provide clients a one-stop shop for accounting solutions, software solutions, product training and government compliance needs. Recognitions include Project Excellence and Premier Partner of the Year awards from Deltek and the Unanet Partner of the Year for 2017 and 2019.

The company is headquartered in Herndon, Va.

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