What’s In A Name?

By December 5, 2019 No Comments

Clients always ask us, “Why does your company have two letters at the beginning of your name?” Many assume that WJ Technologies LLC nicknamed itself WiJiT because of our accounting roots, a little accounting humor you might say.  But the truth is a little bit less nerdy and a whole lot more interesting.

Like any good company that starts as a spin-off of a successful business, WJ Technologies LLC began when Watkins Meegan, now part of our parent company CohnReznik LLP, made the decision to expand their accounting solutions practice to include government contracting outsourcing services and software implementations. They named the lead partner from their government contracting group, Christine Williamson, to head up this new venture.  Christine believed there was a need for a separate company to focus solely on software and services to the government contracting community.

Simultaneously, they joined forces with the expertise of the “J” team, Joe Jezior, a veteran Deltek VP, and Jay Ethridge, Technology SME. Joe and Jay brought decade long experience of software consulting and implementations to round out the government contracting compliance and expertise with Christine. Together the team was assembled to tailor to the specific needs of government contractors and other project-based businesses to perfectly create the company’s offerings.

If you take the “W” from Watkins, the “J” from Jay and Joe, and you see how WJ Technologies, LLC was born. Employees and clients started referring to the company as WJT, and shortly thereafter using the nickname WiJiT which just rolled off the tongue.

WJT finally decided on officially using the name “WiJiT” to reflect the common shorthand. But what could the two new letters stand for? Suggestions were thrown back and forth: before a conclusion had been reached, “integrity,” “insight” and “implementation” were all considered.

In the end, however, everyone agreed that two words represented their company better than any others:

  • Intelligence – to us, intelligence means throwing conventional wisdom out the window, and using our expertise to discover better approaches. We are vendor agnostic, taking an objective point of view for each client to identify problems and find the right solution. Even successful businesses get stuck in a rut because “it works”: intelligence means finding what works better.
  • Improvement – WiJiT goes the extra mile. In all of our services, we aim to fundamentally improve the way our clients do business with the help of technology solutions. We improve business processes, raise operational efficiency and help clients to achieve peak performance by handling the nitty gritty of accounting, compliance and training.

And with that, we’d like to say “the end” – but in fact, there is no end, because our story is ongoing. What began as a spin-off of a successful accounting practice, has turned into an established organization that continues with every client we transform: perhaps the next character in this story is you.

Wj Technologies is a leading provider of accounting solutions for government contractors.  We provide consulting, compliance, staff augmentation, and training services to support all government contractor accounting and finance functions. Our information technology services will help your organization navigate from outdated systems to powerful and integrated ERP software solutions. Contact us today to learn more!