The highly anticipated release of Unanet 11.0 is slated to be available sometime this month for on-premise and new customers. Cloud customers will have availability in mid-May. If an organization already has a Financial license, the update will automatically be added at no cost and the system will be upgraded.

The two most notable new features that the already robust software is rolling out are its new user interface and a purchasing component. The new user interface is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but navigation through the system has been streamlined through dropdown menus on the dashboard which also frees up more space to customize the home screen with useful charts and reports.The purchasing feature is specifically designed for obtaining and tracking the use of service-based subcontractor labor, travel and expenses. As the purchase order commitment is being depleted, the cost summary report reflects the decrease in commitments real time as the sub enters time and expenses.New roles have also been added to Unanet due to the expansion of functionalities and offers the same flexibility for an organization’s internal controls and unique needs. Other notable features of 11.0 include a landscape-oriented invoice, which allows more columns and more data that can flow to the invoice.Expense report void capability is also a very useful new feature. Many users will be happy to know that user defined fields have increased from 10 to 20. With more roles and processes, Unanet has also expanded the amount of approvals groups so that there can be approvers during every step of the procurement process as well as new approval groups for Leave Requests and Expense Requests.

For more information on the new features coming in Unanet Version 11, please contact Debbie Waggoner at or at 703.885.8157.