As a dynamic and growing organization, you may experience gaps on your team where additional skills, talent, experience or bandwidth is required. You may find that you require expertise on issues pertaining to technical and accounting matters such as these:

  • Does your project ledger reconcile to your general ledger each month?
  • Does your Statement of Indirects reconcile to your Income Statement?
  • Do you understand your Unbilled A/R Report and is it correct?
  • Do your project/job status reports reconcile to your Income Statement each month?
  • Are projects setup correctly? If not, contracts may not be billed correctly and/or revenue not recognized correctly.

WiJiT offers a team of accountants, from staff level to CFO with industry expertise and make this talent available to you without the cost of hiring a full time employee. We can provide a broad range of skills that your organization requires to help support the continued growth of your business operations. Our team is known for its comprehensive understanding of business-critical operations and other activity than can have industry-changing ramifications.

We’re Here To Help
Whether it’s growing your business, compliance matters or accounting software solutions, WiJiT has the knowledge and experience to help you and your organization. You can reach us at 703.885.8158 or