When clients work with WiJiT — they get stellar results. We help clients expand their success through several core methods:

  • Using efficient and compliant processes to realize sustainable growth and profitability.
  • Improving internal business processes and leveraging software solutions to create operational efficiencies.
  • Providing consulting, compliance and training services that allow internal accounting and finance operations to function at peak performance level.
  • Augmenting the staff of client organizations through our credentialed team of accounting industry experts.

In addition, WiJiT strives to consistently uphold four key attributes in all interactions with clients:

  • Reliability: Our clients rely on WiJiT for our responsiveness and expertise.
  • Success: We implement comprehensive systems that position our clients to maximize their effectiveness to operate successfully.
  • Alignment: Our goals are aligned with our clients’ goals. When our clients succeed, we succeed.
  • Fit: We offer the best fit to our clients for getting the job done right.

Our Differentiator: The WiJiT Team

WiJiT brings value to our clients that separates us in a number of ways from competitors, but through our many services runs a common thread: our knowledgeable, highly competent, personable team members who are committed to cultivating and maintaining long-term relationships. Our talented team members — including a growing group of individuals with Project Management Professional credentials — provide significant value, including:

  • Handling projects from beginning to end.
  • Staying engaged with clients long after an implementation is complete to ensure full satisfaction in the solution.
  • Keeping projects on budget, on schedule and within the desired scope.
  • Controlling and mitigating risk.
  • Quickly resolving problems.
  • A dedicated, diligent ethic of continual hard work.
  • A deep appreciation of the trust clients place in us.
  • A commitment to listening to clients’ needs and challenges.
  • Ongoing training and professional licensure that support a high level of competence.
  • A commitment to our core focus and greatest strength: accounting and finance.

Software Evaluation & Decision Support

Best Fit

When the time comes to upgrade to a new accounting system, the choices may seem overwhelming. WiJiT focuses on helping your organization determine the accounting solution that will be the best fit based upon your business needs. Our approach is solution-agnostic as we are certified by several leading-edge software solutions – each of which offers unique benefits – and we can independently help you assess which solution will best meet your specific business requirements. WiJiT is staffed by Project Management Professionals (PMP) and System Consultants who are driven by the discipline of managing these projects to be on-track, on-time, and on-budget.

Our Process:

  • Understanding – to determine which accounting solution is “right” for your organization, WiJiT begins with gaining an in-depth understanding of your current business processes and identifies pain points with your current system.
  • Requirements definition – a detailed articulation of your organization’s required functionality (both current and future-expected) is then performed.
  • Vendor evaluation – your organization’s requirements are then compared with the various strengths of each vendor’s solution to determine optimal alignment.

Key Questions

An essential element of the software evaluation process is to have a clear understanding and expectation of the new solution’s costs, benefits and anticipated ROI. Furthermore, issues such as these must be fully discussed as part of the process:

  • What is changing in your world? Fast growth, markets, competitors, an acquisition, regulations, etc.?
  • What do your customers demand that you can’t do now or would make you a more valuable business partner?
  • What functionality is missing in your current system?
  • What concerns you most about your current system?
  • How will we define a successful new accounting system implementation?


WiJiT has a deep knowledge of the government contracting industry and accounting systems that enable compliance with regulatory agencies. The WiJiT team applies this expertise to determine a “best-fit” solution for your organization.

Accounting Services

WiJiT’s accounting services allow you to concentrate on what you do best while leaving specialized support functions to us. Our experienced professionals take care of your accounting so you can save in-house resources for other strategic activities.  Our team can support the Unanet, Costpoint, and Quickbooks portfolio of products.

We offer a high level of expertise from a variety of client situations with a focus on continuing education and staff development. Our work is often completed in much less time without the normal distractions of an internal employee. You will benefit by our:


A key advantage we offer is objectivity. We operate and strive to develop a relationship as a trusted and objective adviser with you.


Our Accounting Services range from interim staff support and processing vendor invoices to outsourcing your organization’s accounting functions. In either case, these services are provided with high-level support and oversight by experts.


We tailor our services to meet your needs and we approach our work as if we are an extension of your organization’s team – regardless of the service level you require.

Project-based solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business practices.

You will benefit through the flexibility and affordability we provide and you’ll experience an increase in productivity and lower employment costs in your business.

WiJiT’s Accounting Services encompass:

  • Accounts payable and cash disbursements
  • Accounts receivable and cash receipts
  • Payroll processing
  • Cash management and cash flow projections
  • General ledger account reconciliations and maintenance
  • Month-end close and financial statement preparation
  • Annual budgeting and forecasting support

Accounting Systems Consulting

Change is a given and a constant in the systems we use to operate our organizations. As the complexity in our businesses increase, we often find that our business requirements exceed the capabilities of our systems.
You may require a partner to help you navigate the complexities of business processes and regulatory issues. WiJiT has the proven and battle tested experience to be the right partner for you.

Our experts utilize their knowledge to ensure a smooth transition from your current system of record to a more powerful, integrated ERP software solution.

We work as a cohesive team with your organization to map your critical business processes and customize the ERP solution that will best meet your needs. Our Systems Consulting services include:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support

Staff Augmentation

As a dynamic and growing organization, you may experience gaps on your team where additional skills, talent, experience or bandwidth is required. You may find that you require expertise on issues pertaining to technical and accounting matters and the current technologies that may improve your organizational effectiveness.

We offer a team of accountants, from staff level to CFO with industry expertise and make this talent available to you without the cost of hiring a full time employee. We can provide a broad range of skills that your organization requires to help support the continued growth of your business operations. Our team can support the Unanet, Costpoint, and Quickbooks portfolio of products.

Our team is known for its comprehensive understanding of business-critical operations and other activity than can have industry-changing ramifications.
Examples of the ways in which our Staff Augmentation team has helped companies such as yours include:

  • Manage daily accounting operations
  • Maintain accounting and technology systems
  • Financial analysis
  • Audit preparation and process
  • Accounting policies and procedures
  • Financial management report preparation
  • Cash management
  • Compliance


Business growth and staff changes often expose a need for employee education.

Whether you want to improve knowledge of a current solution or plan to implement a new solution, our team can train end users to become more comfortable with your technology solution over time. Our training options provide users with the knowledge to get the most out of your accounting application.

Our training services will be tailored to your technology journey from initial implementation to refresher or turnover training.

WiJiT’s training is designed and delivered to meet the way your business operates. We offer:

  • One-on-one
  • Train-the-trainer
  • On-site training

Government Contracting Services

We face increasing demands for greater transparency and accountability based on technological advances and increased public scrutiny. The process of managing risk is growing in complexity.

Organizations such as yours must balance business priorities while concurrently managing risk and addressing regulatory and compliance requirements. And you need to accomplish this with less available time, manpower and expertise. Our government contract specialists can help you navigate the complexities of compliance issues.

Benefit From:

  • Our extensive experience with DCAA which allows us to help you prepare for audits, perform contract close-outs, prepare and/or review incurred cost submissions and more.
  • Our experts will provide you with direct and indirect cost structure reviews to help ensure compliance with cost regulations to maximize cost recovery and enhance your competitive position.
  • Tightened policies, procedures, systems and controls to drive ongoing compliance with ever-changing federal regulations
  • Leveraged technology solutions to strengthen processes, improve efficiencies and deliver more profitable projects
  • An enhanced and improved understanding of compliance risks and identify control gaps

We help you operate and succeed in a complex and highly regulated environment. Our Government Contracting Services include:

  • Indirect Rate Restructuring
  • Incurred Cost Submission
  • FAR/CAS Compliance
  • DCAA Audit Preparation and Support