Resurgo, LLC is a cyber engineering, test, and evaluation company located in Honolulu, HI at the Manoa Innovation Center. Founded in 2011, Resurgo has 18 people on staff and its core competencies include:

  • Strategic planning and implementation of virtual secure enclaves,
  • Development and execution of moving target and defense-in-depth strategies,
  • Design, execution, and analysis of multi-variable and multi-factorial experiments,
  • Robust, reliable, resilient network architecture design,
  • Cyber operations research, and
  • Cyber technology utility assessments.


Resurgo, LLC was one of the first organizations to implement a government authorized cloud based ERP solution in 2011 using the vendor’s implementation experts, and had a follow on contract for support through 2013. For various reasons, the vendor began to downsize and eliminate its US base of technical and application experts, and Resurgo was directed towards 3rd party consulting firms with purported expertise in the accounting system. In late 2014, Resurgo required support for its proposal of DCAA provisional rates. The 3rd party consulting firm was asked to help with Resurgo’s DCAA rate application but also to do its 2013 year end close. This 3rd party made some configuration changes to the accounting system to prepare for DCAA compliance. Soon after the close, many systemic errors began to be evidenced during accounting system transactions. There were also errors in the data generated by this 3rd party consulting firm on the DCAA provisional rate proposal.


Resurgo relies on WiJiT’s deep expertise and its smart and experienced people to provide on-going assistance on GCS Premier. WiJiT has provided Resurgo with broad expertise that can look at its business from an accounting, compliance, government contracting and systems perspective. This support enables Resurgo to run its business efficiently, accurately and profitably.

If and when Resurgo runs into a “brick wall,” WiJiT is the go-to resource to fix issues in a responsive and correct manner. This often this includes quick answers to issues posed over the weekend.


In late-2014, WiJiT was engaged initially to help with several of these emerging accounting system anomalies and issues. WiJiT did a thorough review and assessment of the accounting system set up, and discovered many errors and omissions in the configuration changes made by the previous 3rd party vendor. WiJiT was asked to increase its scope of work to thoroughly review the entire accounting system configuration, fix all accounting system errors including reopening and closing prior year databases, and to prepare a corrected version of a DCAA rate proposal. WiJiT continued to support Resurgo with monthly closeouts, its annual DCAA audit and ICE submissions, and prepared Resurgo’s 2016 provisional rate proposal. An initial small engagement has resulted in a full partnership to help operate Resurgo’s time keeping, expense reporting, and accounting systems.


“We consider WiJiT a valued colleague and a company that helps run the back end of Resurgo’ s business. WiJiT is the most trusted business advisor that Resurgo has and could step in at any time to help run its business. WiJiT will continue to help run the essential back end for Resurgo. WiJiT never drops the ball in serving its clients. It’s a phenomenal relationship.”

Dr. Dianne H. Jordan, CEO Resurgo LLC