HHB Systems, aka Higgins, Hermansen, Banikas, LLC (HHB), is a small, veteran owned business with a significant international footprint. HHB is an information systems technology company specializing in professional management advisory services; systems engineering; systems and applications design, acquisition, and integration; as well as systems administration of major analytical DoD operational systems.


HHB Systems continues to operate Deltek’s GCS Premier and since that product is no longer supported, HHB needed a “go-to” partner for help on issues they may encounter. Given that HHB is subject to DCAA audits, its Business & Finance Administrator, Denice Hermansen, wanted to make sure that she was doing everything correctly and be able to explain items on its financial statements. Aside from dealing with business growth, issues such as reconciliations and month end close need to be handled correctly and efficiently. And, the complexity of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reporting needed to be handled. Hermansen, who is not a CPA, shared “…there’s limited instructions on how to use the GCS system… I’m good with numbers but not when it comes to input and output and how GCS works itself. It’s pretty intense on how – everything you have to put into the system.”


Since working with WiJiT, HHB has realized these benefits:

  • Time and Money Savings: If HHB had to have somebody come in and do the work of reconciliation and closing, it would probably be at least a minimum eight-hour engagement. With the tools provided by WiJiT, HHB can perform reconciliations in-house and then just have WiJiT review – requiring just a few hours of help. With the tools and knowledge, Hermansen can perform her required monthly accounting functions in about a half the time it took before Debbie, especially when issues arise.
  • Tools: HHB has been equipped with the tools to make sure that everything is functioning properly and ties out at month end.
  • Knowledge: HHB can confidently and capably handle month end without having to send it out to an outside firm.
  • Comfort: HHB knows it can turn to WiJiT which has deep experience and knowledge in all matters pertinent to GCS Premier.
  • Confidence: HHB knows that it can get in touch with WiJiT if it has an issue. And by providing Hermansen with tools and knowledge, it has given her the confidence to figure out many issues on her own.


HHB engaged WiJiT to assist in a few accounting support related areas so that HHB can effectively manage and operate GCS Premier. WiJiT assisted with the month end close process providing a very detailed and prescriptive spreadsheet that Hermansen can use to quickly and easily tie out revenue, indirect rates, the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. HHB’s experience with WiJiT is they are always on-the-ready for addressing issues or questions about closing the period. HHB has the confidence that WiJiT will respond and provide a resolution quickly.


“Thanks again for all your help and all that you have taught me. You’re so awesome.”

“As always, you are amazing. You always know exactly how to fix my issues.”

“Debbie Waggoner, oh my gosh, she is – she is just absolutely amazing! I just don’t – I don’t even know what I would do without her…. there are just no words to describe Debbie.”

“Last week when I was closing, and I pulled my unbilled report and there are unbilleds sitting there that should not have been there. I took a couple of hours going through GCS trying to figure out where it came from. After not being successful, I emailed Debbie and literally in the timeframe that I emailed her she responds to me and was able to instantly tell me exactly what it was, it was just one simple checkmark, a click mark in a box that was – that became unclicked for some reason. I know I would have never found that, and she could find that answer and that saved me and my balancing.”

“Debbie is like – Debbie is GCS. I mean she knows every bit of it. She knows the inside and out.”

“But when Debbie showed up, what she did for me was she has built my confidence. Instead of being the one that fixed it for me, she takes the time to let me know what it was that was wrong, what she did that was fixed. So that when it happens again, I can go to those areas and search some things out. I guess it’s – to put it more simply, she is a great teacher. She’s just outstanding. An outstanding teacher builds your confidence and that’s what she has done.”

Denice Hermansen, Business & Finance Administrator