Dragoon ITCN is a Woman-Owned Small Business offering Products and Services to DoD and FMS-Cases involving Aerospace programs. Since 1991, it has been a pioneer in designing synchronized test instrumentation for embedded computer systems used in avionics and military/aerospace applications. ITCN also provides products and engineering services for embedded computer systems.

What was Dragoon ITCN’s reason for contacting WiJiT in relation to a SF 1408?

WiJiT had previously assisted Dragoon with its accounting system implementation and government contract accounting needs. It was very pleased with WiJiT’s work and wanted their help when DCAA sent it a letter requesting an audit to determine if the design of its system was acceptable for the award of a prospective contract.

How did WiJiT help with the SF 1408 process?

WiJiT helped in this manner:

  • provided Dragoon with an overview of the audit process and what to expect,
  • performed a review of Dragoon’s accounting system,
  • ensured Dragoon had contract briefs for all its contracts,
  • verified that Dragoon’s documented policies and procedures captured the rationale of its policies, and
  • ensured its procedures were consistent with its operations.

WiJiT then helped Dragoon prepare for the types of questions DCAA would ask and acted as a liaison between DCAA and Dragoon to insure it responded to DCAA’s requests in an adequate and timely manner. WiJiT also was onsite during DCAA’s onsite visits to assist Dragoon with pulling the requested reports and answering questions. WiJiT’s consultants were invaluable. In the words of Dragoon, the overall process can be summed up as “perfection!”

What business wins did Dragoon realize after the 1408 process was completed?

Dragoon has been able to bid on solicitations requiring an approved accounting system. It added this fact to its website to provide more credibility as a government contractor.