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What was ArdentMC’s reason for contacting WiJiT in relation to a 1408?

ArdentMC contacted WiJiT to provide support for the 1408 process while awaiting award on a significant contract. After a successful implementation of Deltek GCS, Ardent believed it was prepared to begin pursuing cost-type contract awards. Since WiJiT had successfully supported its implementation of the accounting system, and had a track record of such successful implementations, Ardent believed WiJiT was uniquely equipped to support it in its effort.

What business wins did ArdentMC see after the 1408 process was completed?

The 1408 process led to the successful capture of the contract it had pursued. Furthermore, ArdentMC has relied on the successful 1408 process to support its successful pursuit and capture of several Department of Homeland Security contracts that will contribute substantial revenues over a five-year period.

How did WiJiT help with the 1408 process?

At the time of engagement with WiJiT in support of the 1408 process, ArdentMC was considered small in nearly every category of government business. Given its small size, and its relative “youth” in the government contracting market, ArdentMC relied on WiJiT to support all aspects of the 1408 process. WiJiT helped ensure ArdentMC’s accounting system architecture followed well established best practices, while also providing on-site support during government review and inquiry.