AIS (Applied Information Sciences) is a computer consulting company that provides software and systems engineering services to government agencies and commercial businesses across the United States. Its areas of specialization include cloud services, DevOps, custom application development and IT services. AIS’ customers cover a broad range of organizations from state and local government to defense and national security agencies, and commercial clients.


AIS, through its track record of successful projects and strong relationships with commercial clients, was able to expand its market and was awarded government contracts. Regulations for government reimbursements differ from the commercial sector and can be confusing or daunting for organizations not familiar with the government contracting landscape. As AIS continued to grow its government business, its finance department required additional support especially in the area of travel reimbursement policies, procedures and review. With office locations throughout the Midwest, South, and Eastern Atlantic region, several employees travel to meet their customers’ needs – some on a daily basis. This substantial volume of travel resulted in numerous expense reports that required monthly review and processing.


AIS government contracting associated expense reports are now in compliance with all DCAA regulatory requirements and all deadlines have been met. WiJiT also provided assistance in the DCAA audit process and has trained AIS staff.


AIS engaged WiJiT to provide a Junior Accountant to assist its Controller by reviewing expense reports which were submitted on a monthly basis. Each expense report and corresponding receipt was meticulously reviewed by WiJiT to ensure compliance with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) regulations. This included, but was not limited to, lodging and meal per diem rates. On occasion, additional research was required to verify whether or not expenses were allowable according to government regulations. WiJiT’s Junior Accountant researched any questionable expenses and verified that proper justifications were in place before submitting comments and recommendations to the AIS Controller.


“We’re very pleased with the caliber of WiJiT’s consultants and the quality of their work. They’ve helped with the DCAA audits and are very professional. They’ve removed a huge load off my back.”

Linda Yemm, AIS Accounting Manager