There’s simply too much at stake and massive amounts of corporate resources at risk to allow an implementation to be conducted by anyone but a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified Consultant. Studies have shown that approximately 3 out of 4 technology implementations fail.  These failures are characterized by one or more of the following circumstances occurring:

  • Takes longer to implement than expected
  • Costs more than expected
  • Fails to deliver at least half of the expected business benefits

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified Consultant

Your business success is paramount at WJ Technologies (WiJiT) and we’re staffed by a growing team of Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified Consultants and they are trained to:

  • Handle a project from beginning to endProject management institute
  • Keep projects on schedule and on budget
  • Manage the scope of the project
  • Provide clients with a structured plan
  • Use proven and repeatable processes and techniques
  • Control and mitigate risk
  • Resolve problems more quickly

Furthermore, Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified Consultants are required to maintain their training and skills with annual educational requirements. The benefits to having an implementation managed by a PMP include:

  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Peace of mind during a challenging and complicated time
  • Creating a flexible environment to adjust and re-align resources as project scope may change

Meet WiJiT’s PMP certified experts:
Karen Louis
Debbie Franklin
Keith Romanowski
Susan Smith

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