How to Load Data in Costpoint Using an Excel Spreadsheet

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Have you ever had a large number of rows to enter into Costpoint? It can be very time consuming to enter each row, one at a time. This blog will walk you through the process of loading data into Costpoint using only an excel spreadsheet. It will allow you to add data to Costpoint quickly and without needing to spend money on additional utilities or pre-processors.

This process will work for any screen that contains a table view of the information. The example that we will be using is the Manage Accounts Payable Vouchers screen.

You should have Costpoint open to run this process.

Step 1: Open the Manage Accounts Payable Vouchers screen.

Step 2: Fill out the header information as you normal would when manually keying in an AP voucher:

load costpoint data

Step 3: At the bottom of the screen, where the AP detail table resides, press the “New” button. This will open a row in the table:

Load Data in Costpoint

Step 4: Highlight the first row, and press CTRL-C:

loading costpoint data

The “Copy To Clipboard” should appear:

how to enter large number of rows into Costpoint

Note: Depending on what browser you are using, you may need to press CTRL-C twice to copy the information in the above screen.

 Step 5: Open Excel, and press CTRL-V. The information from the row that you copied should appear in the spreadsheet:

using excel with costpoint

Tip: If you have existing AP vouchers, do a Query and pull in one that has already been entered. This will help with filling out information in the spreadsheet. An existing voucher row will contain the system required information for each field which you may not know is required. You can use this information and change it if necessary.

Step 6: Fill out the spreadsheet with the appropriate information for this AP voucher. Things such as the G/L account, Project, Org, and Total Amount may be required for this vendor.

The results for the spreadsheet will look like this:

costpoint accounting help

Step 7: Highlight all rows that you want to upload, EXCLUDING the header row, and press CTRL-C.

Tip: Make sure to copy all columns that contain a value in the header, even those that do not have any data.

Step 8: Go back into the AP voucher screen in Costpoint, and put your cursor in the first field:

accounting in costpoint

Note: there may be a “1” in that field. Put your curser over the number 1

Step 9: Press CTRL-V. The information from your spreadsheet will populate in the table:

consulting for costpoint - wj technology

Step 10: Modify the information (if necessary), and press Save.

Note: It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep the order of the columns when first copying the same as when you paste the information. Any changes to the column order will result in inaccurate or incorrect data uploading.

This process is available for any screen that contains a table. For example, you can use this to:

  • Set up your Chart of Accounts
  • Load Account/Org links
  • Load information into Open Billing Detail
  • Set up new Projects
  • Load Employee Master File information for new hires

For other Tips and Tricks on using Costpoint, contact Kris Fitzgerald at WiJiT ( to find out how we can help.


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