Four Things to Look for in A Professional ERP Implementation Partner

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Four Things to Look for in A Professional ERP Implementation Partner 

or How to Choose an Implementation Partner for Your Accounting System 

So, you’ve decided to invest in a new accounting system after reviewing the pros and cons of upgrading from entry level software – what’s next? According to statistics, implementing a new ERP is risky business without the right support3 out of 4 tech projects fail, either because they exceed an organization’s budget and time constraints, or don’t deliver half of the expected benefits. 

There’s a simple reason that product implementations are so fraught with danger – transitioning to new enterprise software on your own requires extensive research, trial, error and guesswork to reach the finish line. Afterwards, team members may struggle with adoption, bringing down productivity and performance until they’ve finally learned the ropes. 

Choose an Implementation Partner 

Hiring a professional implementation partner is a great way to ensure that your ERP transition goes smoothly, providing maximal results without tying up your business in the interimWith the right partner, initial costs will be offset by significantly improved return on investment (ROI) and higher efficiencies once the implementation is complete.  

In this article, we’ll share four qualities to look for in a company that offers implementation services. A business that checks all four of these boxes has a high degree of trustworthiness and expertise:

1. A strong track record

The best implementation partner will have a history of successful implementations for the products under consideration, especially in businesses similar to your own. Look for: 

  • Evidence of business longevity – it’s been around for many years 
  • Documentation of success – includes awarded contracts, case studies and positive client feedback/testimonials: seek out contacts in your own industry and circles for recommendations. 
  • Experience with diverse business environments – implementation differs between enterprises and small-to-medium (SMB) sized businesses: look for a partner that can serve both. 
  • Industry – the best implementation partner will know your industry: this is especially important for government contractors who have unique requirements for compliance.

2. Accounting Expertise

For an ERP implementation, the best partner will understand the ins-and-outs of accounting, the decision-making parameters behind your business strategy, and the real-world benefits of the systems they’re installing.  

Look for a background in accounting: your partner should have accountants on staff at every level of the implementation team, giving them real expertise that is reflected in their business materials, consulting calls and online content. They should also be able to train your personnel in using the software and offer support once the implementation is finished. 

3. Team Player

A great partner puts their client first and involves them at every stage of the implementation. From the outset, they should meet to discuss your requirements, pain points and business goals; afterwards, they should adjust plans according to your schedule and priorities while pressing to meet any deadlines. 

Look for a partner who is “us” oriented: they view implementation as a team effort involving decision makers, executives, stakeholders, and mutual cooperation on both sides. They are urgent to establish communication and eager to learn about your company in the process, rather than assert their own sense of what’s right. 

4. Communication skills

Frequent and clear communication is vital to every business process, and outsourced projects are no exception: the ideal partner will clarify the details of an implementation before they get started and won’t base anything on guesswork. They will keep their clients up to date on progress as time goes by, and schedule regular meetings for feedback and clarification. 

Look for a business that: 

  • Sends rapid responses – they respond quickly during the inquiry process, following up with emails and phone calls as scheduled without delay. 
  • Includes clear descriptions – business collateral and quotes from your partner should include clear descriptions of their services and pricing models, allowing for no ambiguities or gotchas. 
  • Writes high-quality content – your partner’s website, case studies and other business content should reflect the ability to convey information, explain abstract concepts and a high command of English. 


The best implementation partner is one that possesses real expertise in your business, industry and desired product solution. They provide value before, during and after the implementation process, striving to meet the goals of your business through their work by putting it first and including you at every stage. 

At WiJiTseveral of our team members have earned the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, demonstrating our capabilities in leading a product transition from strategy through implementation.  

In short, we combine years of experience in accounting, government contracting and accounting systems with a genuine desire for our clients’ success to find the perfect solution for your organization. If you are considering an upgrade to your accounting system, send us a message or give us a call – with a demonstrated track record of success in countless enterprise implementations, we are eager to help.