For over 30 years, Deltek has uniquely delivered leading enterprise software and information solutions for project-based businesses. Its unparalleled solutions and industry expertise deliver actionable insights, enabling our clients to profit more.

Deltek is trusted by 99% of the Top 100 Federal Contractors and 100% of the Engineering News Record Top 10 Design Firms. Scroll down to learn more about why Deltek is the preferred choice.

Powerful Enablement

Deltek provides a broad set of solutions that enable organizations to

Win More

Providing market research and analysis that allows you to identify new business opportunities and accelerate your marketing and sales efforts.

Optimize More

Getting the most out of your people and find, retain, and grow your key employees and optimize your billable resources

Control More

Ensuring fast and accurate financial reporting, guaranteeing that you can make informed decisions, control key processes, and better manage your organization in real-time

Comply More

Complying with the most rigorous financial reporting requirements – including requirements for publicly traded companies and those working with the government

Deliver More

Delivering projects on time and on budget, growing margins and increasing customer satisfaction

Measure More

Aggregating information across many sources to deliver actionable insight to make more informed decisions

Collaborate More

Using social collaboration tools, people and firms can better manage their projects and make decisions in real-time

The WiJiT & Deltek Difference

WiJiT is a member of an exclusive and elite group of companies that provides  implementation, consulting, support and customization services for project oriented Professional Services organizations.

WiJiT’s deep expertise in government contracting uniquely positions it to effectively implement these Deltek Solutions:

  • Deltek Costpoint
    An enterprise management solution designed specifically for project-based businesses.
  • Deltek GCS Premier
    While GCS Premier is no longer sold or supported by Deltek, WiJiT continues to offer Deltek GCS users training and support.
  • Deltek Cloud Solutions for Small to Mid-sized firms
    True SaaS ERP solutions designed for fast-growing project-based firms.
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Deltek Costpoint

Costpoint is a leading enterprise management software solution designed specifically for project-based businesses. Deltek Costpoint empowers you with the information you need to run your entire business more efficiently and profitably—by allowing you to track, identify, and manage projects so issues are identified before they become a problem. And, its unequalled accounting and reporting make regulatory compliance a snap, so you are always ready for routine and unexpected project and operations reviews and audits.

Are you seeking?

  • A single solution in which you can run your entire business?
  • A single application that can give you visibility into current and accurate information about how your entire organization is performing?
  • An application that completely automates all of your mission-critical processes?
  • An application that would allow you to focus on business so you can be more competitive?
  • An application that provides a comprehensive view of your projects right out of the box?

Modules Include:

  • Accounting
  • Planning
  • Projects
  • Materials
  • People
  • Time & Expense
  • Reporting & Analytics

Deltek Time & Expense

Deltek Time & Expense is a suite of web-based and mobile applications designed specifically for complex, project-oriented businesses. Deltek’s timekeeping software helps organizations automate the collection, validation, approval, and processing of labor and expense.

With Deltek Time & Expense, you can:

  • Reduce the burden on HR, payroll, and accounting
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Comply with regulations
  • Lower operating costs

Deltek GCS Premier

Deltek GCS Premier was designed for small-to mid-sized business who sell services to the U.S. Government. While this system is no longer being sold, WiJiT continues to offer Deltek GCS users training and support for existing users and new employees who need to learn how to use Deltek GCS.


Clients that wish to move from GCS to Costpoint can reach out to WiJiT for assistance with this process.

Deltek Cloud Solutions

Small to Mid-Sized Firms

Leveraging the world’s most trusted project management and project accounting software, Deltek Cloud solutions are true SaaS ERP solutions designed for fast-growing project-based firms.

Through close partnerships with high-quality service providers, including Amazon Web Services, Deltek has established a world-class operational infrastructure to support its cloud solutions.

Learn how we can help you maximize your business performance for better project results.

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