Costpoint Preprocessors Do the Hard Work for You

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Adding your company’s data into Costpoint may seem like a simple – if not tedious – operation. But the reality can be a jumble of frustrating errors and wasted time if you don’t know the language, have the skills and tools, or the experience to input large amounts of data into the system.

Using a Costpoint preprocessor is the ideal way to quickly upload a mass amount of data into the system. This includes items such as employee contact info, ID numbers, vendor info, terms, and timesheets, to name a few. Tens, hundreds, or thousands of sets of data to input individually translates to hours of time needed to manually upload this information accurately and consistently.

 Is your data formatted correctly for a Costpoint preprocessor?

 A preprocessor does the hard work for you – but only if you know how to provide the information correctly for the system to recognize it. Not everyone who is tasked with inputting mass amounts of data into Costpoint are technical experts.

The language used to explain the required formatting may not be intuitive and can cause further frustration.

  • What do they mean by using varchar, or decimal format?
  • Why are the columns in this order?

To transfer data correctly into Costpoint, the information must be formatted specifically for that program. For instance, your employees’ dates of birth may be in your spreadsheet as Month/Day/Year – but the system requires the format to be Year-Month-Day. Or perhaps your clients’ names are listed as FIRST NAME, LAST NAME but the required format is LAST NAME, FIRST NAME.

The difference between a slash and a hyphen, or the order in which you list your data, could cause serious headaches.

Avoid the headache

So, what should you do if your company is initializing Costpoint, or has acquired a company and needs to add a large amount of new data to the system? What if you must enter employee, vendor, and client information, and/or timesheet and vendor data as well? How can you make the process more efficient and less frustrating?

There are Costpoint preprocessors for all of these areas. Consider avoiding the headache of reformatting the data yourself and hire a team of experts like WJ Technologies.

Our team knows this system backward and forward – you provide the data, and we use our proven methods and preprocessors to upload the information efficiently and accurately.

We have the tools, we know the language, and we are experts at using preprocessors for all Costpoint data.

Contact us!  We have the tools, we know the language, and we are experts at using preprocessors for all Costpoint data.

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