Utilizing a credit card interface makes one of the most time-consuming month-end reconciliations easier by transferring most of the effort from accounting personnel to the end user.

Costpoint allows imports of credit card transactions into the Expense module and the association of credit cards with an individual user. Expense users bring over the imported transactions into their expense reports and associate them with appropriate expense types and projects.This significantly simplifies the accounting team’s efforts by eliminating the need to work with each individual credit card user on the coding and supporting documentation. All transactions can be properly coded on the expense reports and any backup uploaded to an expense report before it is finalized. Costpoint allows credit cards to be associated with expense users, and the system will ‘remember’ the credit card information for each person, making it easier and faster each time an import is run. There are also reports that can be run out of the Expense system to check the status of the credit card transactions to ensure that expenses are claimed in a timely manner.

The Costpoint credit card interface can be used to import transactions from Amex, Visa, and Mastercard credit cards. There are specific files/formats used for Amex, Visa, and MasterCard as well as a generic format that can be used if the specific format is not available with your credit card program. There are, however, some limitations to the available formats when a company is hosted by Deltek.

One of the biggest changes in credit card functionality was introduced for Costpoint SAAS clients on T&E version 10. These clients cannot use Amex (KR 1025) and VISA (VCF 4.0) file formats to import credit card transactions into Expense. They must use the “generic” file format with a Deltek-specific layout.  This change does not apply to non-SAAS or self-hosted and “on premise” clients who can still use the above-mentioned formats to download the credit card statement and import transactions into Expense.

There may be additional costs associated with obtaining a credit card file from the credit card company as well as automating the translation of credit card import files into the generic format as dictated by Deltek.

There may be file customizations that are required or desired, but once you have the file in the format that you want, the process is a simple three-step procedure:If you’d like to get started on using Deltek’s credit card import process or would like more information about other functions of Deltek Expense, please contact Lana Loyevsky at WJ Technologies at lana.loyevsky@wjtechnologies.com.