How to Avoid Accounting System Implementation Delays

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Implementing a new accounting system is a major commitment that is often underestimated. Many things can cause a go-live date to go off track – but they can be prevented. By planning wisely, you can avoid the common reasons system implementations are delayed.

Four common reasons new accounting system implementations are delayed:

  1. Staff Availability
  2. Resistance to Change
  3. Learning Curves
  4. Expanded Scope

Staff Availability During Accounting System Implementation

When implementing a new accounting software, it’s important to consider the availability and workload of the current accounting staff. An implementation typically takes months to complete, so it is vitally important to have an idea of what you will be asking your staff to do. Things to consider include:

  • Factoring in the amount of time necessary for the person(s) taking on the additional workload to test and launch the system successfully.
  • Choosing a go-live date that does not fall during typical vacation times, holidays or high-demand work periods.
  • Coordinating and scheduling adequate time to train staff before the chosen launch day.

Resistance to Change

Convincing others to embrace change can be an uphill battle. Teams delay go-live dates when they use stalling tactics to avoid changing to a new accounting system. Ways to prepare employees for change include:

  • Use organizational change management strategies to prepare your team for the change.
  • Provide open and clear communication to keep everyone in the loop and informed.
  • Offer emotional support opportunities and ideas for positive change.

Learning Curves

Everyone learns in a variety of ways and in different time spans. Consider the best approach for training employees on the new software and factor in the time it will take to get everyone comfortable and adept at using it. Prepare in advance and avoid launch delays by:

  • Sending training materials with realistic and appropriate deadlines.
  • Providing multiple methods for employees to learn (online tutorials, 1:1 training, reading materials, etc.).
  • Checking on progress and encouraging questions on a consistent basis.

Expanded Implementation Scope

Demos of accounting systems will show all capabilities (the impressive bells and whistles) and leave a striking impression. However, the product purchased is often a smaller piece of that impressive full package. Prevent launch delays due to system add-ons by:

  • Knowing exactly what is included in the purchased package and setting realistic deadlines for that scope.
  • Setting expectations and considering the necessary functions for the software launch.
  • Planning realistic goals for future expansion.

WJ Technologies Keeps You on Track

 Avoid accounting system go-live delays by considering the four common reasons implementations go off-track: staff availability, resistance to change, learning curves and expanded scope.

The team at WJ Technologies has been there – we are the experts who can keep your team on track and avoid unnecessary implementation delays.

Staff overwhelmed? We remove some of the burdens with testing and launch support as well as staff augmentation that can be utilized for as long as you need.

Fighting resistance to change? We have tools to help drive communication and help prepare employees for a successful go-live date.

Struggling with learning curves? We offer training and resources to ensure everyone is knowledgeable and skilled in using the new software prior to implementation.

Is your scope expanding out of control? We help set expectations, provide detailed instructions and set realistic goals for add-ons and future expansions.

WJ Technologies offers expert support before, during and after the launch of new accounting systems. Contact us today to ensure your go-live date stays on track.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you choose, plan, implement and support your new accounting software launch.

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