Efficiency is achieving maximum productivity with the least effort. At WJ Technologies (WiJiT) we strive to provide efficiency through our outsourced accounting services by leveraging our years of experience and in-depth technical knowledge.

Compliance questions are more easily answered with over 50 combined years of experience in government contracting. Our team consists of CPAs, PMPs, software experts, and skilled accountants with detailed knowledge of government contracting. We’ve helped our clients interact with DCAA, prepared required submissions, and have coordinated with external auditors to make for a seamless audit.

WiJiT has the technical expertise to optimize your accounting system for recording transactions and creating financial statements. Our documented processes are a proven way to make businesses more efficient by preventing time spent learning a new process or correcting errors encountered by not understanding a process or system. Our knowledge will help automate tasks which will lead to a better quality output.

We’re ready to scale-up or scale-down alongside your business. By having the right-sized accounting department you ensure you’re not paying for services you don’t need. We’re adaptable to your changing needs to help you stay competitive.

Let us take care of the accounting so you can get back to what you do best.