Get the Second Annual Industry Roadmap of Benchmarks and Trends for Government Contractors. 

The more things change; the more things stay the same as the old adage goes. The environment for government contractors can be characterized as both vibrant, yet stagnant, and complex, yet simplistic. From one year to the next, our survey findings reveal that companies want to streamline their internal operations with shared services models and bring consulting work in-house to save money. Mergers and acquisitions began to pick up in mid-2017, and have been climbing in 2018. Interest rate and tax reform discussions are no longer what-ifs but facts of life, and new contract vehicles like Other Transaction Authority agreements are no longer old wives’ tales. Our respondents in 2018 gave us great findings and some surprises . As the Trump administration weaves through tariff alterations and attempts to shake up the world economy, government contractors remain steadfast and positively focused on how to help the federal government be faster, better and more efficient. Fixed price contracts rose in our respondents by 6% and commerciality determinations are rising too as DCMA Commerciality Centers around the country mature to effectively identify products as commercial. Technology and aritificial intelligence is creating a new world of disruptors, and our respondents are on the forefront of making that happen.

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